“This coaching by skype on the 5 great dreams has done me a lot of good.” I was waiting for this regular appointment with impatience.This was a real moment of exchange of great wealth, Claude gave me confidence again In me, she allowed me to become aware of my advancement session after session, she always took her time and I thank her for her kindness and positive attitude which made me very good. A real moment of pleasure that I was looking forward to, and I even had difficulty leaving it at the end of my coaching, I highly recommend it Today I think every day about my 5 big dreams of life And I am convinced thanks to Claude that I will arrive …. Thank you “.

Sandrine T. (Paris – France)


“This work on me has shattered my life and clarified my priorities … I could have continued for a long time … I had the desire to change jobs, I was firmly convinced of it, but I could not do it With my coaching, my fears have vanished … and I gradually succeed in putting them in place with more courage and conviction.I found Claude a huge and deep listening and I never felt Judged in my choices.I felt free, comfortable in my journey.The ritual of telling me these 5 great dreams of life every day like a mantra takes away a lot of doubts”.

Virginie O. (Paris – France)


“Dear Claude,

A big thank you, a real big thank you beautiful and warm! For your help, your time, your listening, your benevolence, your confidence and your desire to give me happiness, to make me realize my five great dreams of life! What a great adventure, what a wonderful time to share. You are part of my WHO. I’ll be worthy of it, I’ll do my best. I embrace you very friendly”.

Martine B. (Nandrin).


“To find the content of my dreams I had the opportunity not to say the great chance to meet Claude (great dreams of life). A real happiness that to work this project with her a true therapy … Through this research I realized that I had already realized a very great dream that extends daily for many years, a professional life in humanitarian. The second dream was revealed at the beginning of this work thanks to a question posed by the method: no need to look for a long time, to my astonishment everything was united: painting, sculpture, ceramics … in short everything Who wants to create a workshop, a meeting place or everyone would expose his works.This second dream takes shape slowly and it is true, everything is possible when one believes in it. 

Patricia C. (Ans).

“Have to be, if not to allow me a better introspection. “Soon after our sessions, here is what I wrote to Claude: since mid-November, I do yoga once a week … I never imagined doing yoga and here and now, I’m going That it was time that I seriously begin to take care of my body …. In addition, yoga will help me learn to meditate … Which joins one of my 5 big dreams of life that you m But the most important thing I want to share with you is that it’s been several days since I’ve heard myself saying, “I’m happy.” “We’re in February, I just celebrated My 50 years, I remain who I am but I continue to very regularly tell me “I am happy”! It should be noted that for 35 years, I consider myself “cyclothymic” and my periods of “down” were generally from December to March. This year, having formulated my 5 great dreams of life, I remain positive and reassured. I recognize the paths of fulfillment I want to take, I have confidence in my future, I remain open, I see more and more beautiful synchronicities”.

Véronique B. (Les Avins).


“Claude is patient, very intuitive, and light at the same time.
To be accompanied by Claude, for the five great dreams of life, is to get to know one another better, when one thinks one knows oneself well. It is accepting to get out of its habits, which encourages creativity and lightness, imagination, and helps to open the field of possibilities. It is to realize that what counts, at first, is to ask one question several times, without having an answer, then one day, without “shouting”, an answer comes, when one expects it Not, and there, a burst of laughter and a felt lightness, incredible, confirms the source of this discovery about ourselves: our soul.
Claude, I warmly encourage you to continue this path that is yours”.

Sophia B. (Liège).


“One of my 5 great dreams of life is realized …. on my way, I meet a nice fairy who, thanks to her many talents appears to me as the magician of my future, which will allow me to make my first trip A great free-spirited girl but well accompanied, a destination for me not common or even exceptional and which represents well the idea that I make of the discovery … What can I say to say to you, my dear Claude, this I will do my payment for the ticket tonight, the room is booked and I will order my passport tomorrow morning .. You realize! Waouh no but waouh what !!!!!!!!!! THANKS

Martine B. (Nandrin).


“In life one does not always have clear ideas! The error is to believe that everything is good, thanks to the work I did with Claude Dejardin, I realized that I had to organize my life around my artistic dream, mine and not that of others! It has clearly changed my professional life! Thank you !

Shana M. (Liège).

“I loved speaking with Claude, even though we were friends for a long time, these astonishing and sometimes bizarre questions (it seemed to me) led me to discover aspects of my personality that I did not know. Have helped me to pass a difficult course in my life as a woman, yet nothing complicated in “remedies”, simple gestures to change, routines to forget … in short it is quite simple, it was just daring to do it , Thank you Claude.

Marie-Paule B. (Richelle).