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Coaching 5 big dreams

One day, I read in a monthly diary a title that attracts me:

“Discovering its raison d’être and its 5 great dreams of life” … internship given by the Quebecois Denise-Andrée Peloquin … and without hesitation I enrolled myself there.

At the end of it I discover that one of my 5 great dreams of life is to become myself coach of the 5 great dreams of life … and I’m lucky that John Strelecky offers me to certify me Via skype … we give ourselves RDV every week to work, he in the United States and I in Belgium is the first time he offers this to someone, what a chance! And I succeeded … all in English!

Helping people to name and find their reason for being and their big dreams of life is a gift of life, a rich, profound, unusual exchange … a journey I love to make Rhythm of the person … this work is for me as Oprah Winfrey says: “Being able to do good to others is 5 star”.

John STRELECKY is an author, lecturer and trainer

He is the author of the book LE WHY CAFÉ, an international bestseller with more than 300,000 copies and translated into 21 languages. He also wrote THE SAFARI OF LIFE, THE 5 GREAT DREAMS OF LIFE … he excels in the art of helping people improve their lives. Through his writings, lectures and appearances on television and radio, he has joined and influenced millions of people. He was recognized, along with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong and Deepak Chopra, as one of the most influential people in the field of leadership and personal development.

He holds a master’s degree from the Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University in Chicago. He has guided and helped many business leaders to grasp and apply the concepts he puts forward and empower them to become extraordinary leaders in both human and profitable terms.

In addition to writing, giving lectures and trainings, he travels around the world regularly. He has, among other things, undertaken a nine-month trip around the world with his wife. He also traveled to the Amazon, Yucatan and China.

He regularly organizes Discovery Workshops and Certification Seminars in Germany, Holland and the United States.

What is this coaching for me? …: I will take again the words of Denise-Andrée Peloquin who for me are just and translate my thought and my experience:

“Helping people discover or rediscover their raison d’être and their 5 big dreams of life … help them know what they want to do and experience in their lives so they do not have regrets?”

Many believe they have countless dreams to achieve, while others think they do not know what they really want. In either case, there is a clutter and a mental noise that prevents them from realizing what really matters to them. In general, in this confusion, people are scattered or extinguished.

Impregnated with our often restrictive beliefs, it is easy to lose oneself in the meanders of “how?”, “Must” and “must not”.

Those who have succeeded in their life, in the noble sense of the word, have realized one or more DREAMS OF LIFE. They have made their DREAM, their way, their direction, that they have achieved one step at a time. Moved by their passion and enthusiasm, no obstacle has diverted them from their goal. In ACTION, without losing sight of their BIG DREAM, they posed one by one the milestones of their success.

There are an impressive number of people who have succeeded their lives, who have realized their BIG DREAM. Libraries, bookstores and social networks are full of biographies, exploits, lived stories that testify to extraordinary accomplishments and allow us to believe that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

My REAL DREAM, from what I AM and from what I have TO BE, is an invaluable source of passion, enthusiasm and energy. He is the guideline of my life, he points me the way, MY WAY! My TRUE DREAM is without a doubt the perfect reflection of my RATIONALE and its realization, an invaluable pledge of Peace, Joy and Love to myself, to others and to the Universe.

That is the importance of DISCOVERING or REDISCOVERING MY DREAMS OF LIFE. I now know where I am going and why I exist. So I can move on to ACTION and find the “WHO – RESOURCES” that I need to get there “.

This is the way I propose to the workshop

"Its mission on earth and big dreams of life"

what this workshop brings for me, as Oprah Winfrey says: "Being able to do good to others is 5 star".