To photograph, for me, is a moment of meditation. To study the angle, to connect to what is happening, to concentrate, to fill up with the atmosphere, to look into the objective and to get mentally closer to what is being played, happens … to be an attentive spectator, Intimacy of feelings, of the subject. Capturing an emotion, a look, a gesture, an attitude, a moment … photographing a being when it is luminous, a magical moment, for the pleasure of making him a gift of himself and leaving him a memory of yesterday .

A photograph is a fragment of time that will not come back (Martine Franck).

“"Time Capture"”

I can photograph your concerts, shows I have no academic training, my technique is instinctive, I capture unforgettable moments and immortalize them. My pleasure is simply to blend in the present and take part in what happens in an exchange, in a look, a concert, a trip ... and to share with others what I could put in images.

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