The Little People of the Mist

The little people of the mist
From 4 years old…

A production of the Papyrus Theater

After a few steps in the fog, we will discover a strange country invaded by an incessant mist which obscures the sky to the point that the sun never appears.
There is an icy cold. All life seems impossible. Especially since apparently everything burned. But looking at it better and with a little imagination …
!!! The little people of the mist are still there. The inhabitants have abandoned their villages to take refuge in holes in order to resist the cold. But who is responsible for this unhealthy climate? Whence comes this fire which has destroyed everything and how to tame it so that it finally warms the country and its inhabitants?

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Project of development cooperation “PPB in Kigali” developed in direct partnership with ISHYO Arts center in Kigali, from the show “The little people of the mist”. Period 2017-2020.

The starting point of the project stems from the desire of Carole Karemera to schedule our show “The Little People of the Mist” at the Kina Festival in Kigali with the will and the need to inscribe this tour in a sustainable and cooperative, Beyond the sole dissemination objective

Therefore, in agreement with our partner, we wish to develop with the civil society of Rwanda a professional training in residence centered on the theatrical creation through various professions of the performing arts. This training work would culminate in the production of a young audience show to be turned autonomously in the Great Lakes region (DRC, Rwanda, Burundi) in local languages.

You are a humanitarian organization, an NGO, a foundation or an association interested in this project and wish to become a partner of this project, contact us.