Yolo Project


Before speaking of the project itself, it seems important to explain the title: YOLO. This word designates several things. It is a city of California in the USA, a district of Kinshasa, but this acronym also means in English: You Only Live Once. The municipality of YOLO in Kinshasa is subdivided into two entities YOLO-North and YOLO-South. The parallelism between the YOLO of the USA and the YOLO of Kinshasa symbolically to qualify the transfer North / South seems obvious to us … That is how this title imposed our mind …

The project proposes, through audiovisual creation, to suggest a joint work between 6 structures (2 from Kinshasa, 1 from Kisangani, 1 from Lubumbashi, 1 from Bukavu and 1 from Goma). It will be a matter of working around an imposed theme: “IF I HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD I DO? “. Each structure freely writes a story, a FICTION of 10 minutes maximum. Then a specialist will tour  in each structure to help with the storyboarding. A director will turn each scenario following the directions of the artistic director of each structure. An editor will assemble the material to arrive at a one hour film gathering the works of the 6 structures and a version 52 ‘format for television broadcasting and in international festivals, but also in all partner cities. Through this project, it is hoped that the creators and technicians, engaged together, will transform the thematic approach into an experience that will lead to a citizen awareness. The audiovisual tool, by its ability to work and connect thoughts, emotions and acts, will induce this awareness.

These objectives will be implemented through a collaboration between several structures specialized in the audiovisual sector, the management of actors and writing in Belgium and the Congo. On the one hand, it will be a matter of tackling a universal theme (CONTROL ITS DESTINY)through artistic creation and, on the other hand, of combining different cultural approaches and know-how in the way ‘bring up the topic. The partner structures all have an experience in the artistic field, each one will bring his / her perspective in relation to the imposed subject.

Initially, there will be a research and data collection phase in each structure, carried out in close collaboration with the dramatist / project coordinator. A workshop will then be organized for each of the partners.

Finally, the dissemination of the project is an integral part of the objectives of the project: it is by mediating the film and the activities organized jointly with the projections (discussions, exchanges, debates) that the partners intend to make the general public The issues addressed and at the same time transcend their differences for a common cause.

You are an association, an organization or a subsidizing power, interested in this project, contact us to know more and possibilitly to become a partner.