Jaz, Néma, The Recluses: BOOK PUBLISHING


You will find hereafter the various publications of the international projects, to which our company has been a partner, in the field of directing, coaching or artistic coordination.
All these publications concern a collaboration of several years with the playwrighter Koffi Kwahulé (Paris): koffikwahule.jimdo.com

And the Théâtre Varia (Brussels): www.varia.com


The Recluses
(2010, Editions Théâtrales)
Translation in Swahili of G. Chirhalwira
Translation in kirundi of Diogenes Ntarindwa
English translation by Judith G. Miller. English title: (Masquerade for the Wounded), TDR The Drama Review (NYU), August 2016. More information: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1162/DRAM_a_00569#.WIt-55KZU7A

Nema (Editions Théâtrales, 2011)
Italian translation of Gianni Poli
Creole Translation (Réunion) by Pierre-Louis Rivière
Polish Translation by Jan Nowak, DramEdition, Warsaw 2015.
American translation of Aurélia Mouzet and Mary Jo Muratore (unpublished).

Jaz (1998, Editions Théâtrales, 1998, re-released in 2007)
Italian translation of Gianni Poli.
Chantal Bilodeau’s Anglo-American translation (to be published in May 2017, in Seven plays of Koffi Kwahulé.
Translation in Catalan of Mireia Trias.
Translation from Hungarian by Molnàr Zsofia.