We call it love

Inspired by a true story, this poetic narrative depicts a woman who, in the aftermath of the genocide, found herself totally helpless and alone with the overflow of love she felt for her murdered family. She decides to offer it to the one she thinks she needs most: the executioner of her son. A long and perilous journey then begins for the two protagonists, who despite their differences, aspire only to reach forgiveness to find peace.

Spectacle intimate, dialogues with skin, deeply human characters, sober decor, “We call it love” does not leave indifferent. He encourages reflection and questions the notions of humanity, of surpassing oneself and humility.

A production of Ishyo Art Center (Kigali) in co-production with the Théâtre de la Poudrerie (Paris).

The Artistic Team

Writing: Felwine Sarr
Directed by Denis Mpunga
Dramaturgy: Carole Karemera
Musical composition and performance: Hervé Twahirwa
Creation and lighting: Roman Kanobana
English translation: Ery Nzaramba
Production Managers: Didacienne Nibagwire, Cécilia Kankonda
With: Carole Karemera and Eliane Umuhire (alternating), Michael Sengazi, Hervé Twahirwa

June 2015: Creation (Kigali / Rwanda), Festival “it happens in Kin” – festival of the Tarmac of the authors (Kinshasa / DRC)
September 2015: Theater of Poudrerie (Paris-Sevran / France)
November 2015: Kina Festival (Kigali / Rwanda)

February 2016: Theater of the Poudrerie (Paris-Sevran / France)
March 2016: Arts Market of the Spectacle of Abidjan – MASA (Abidjan-Ivory Coast) April 2016: Tournée au Rwanda
November 2016: Theatrical Days of Carthage.

– Hellwach Festival / Hamm: 13 and 19 February 2017 IN ENGLISH.

– HIFA – Harare Arts Festival (Zimbabwe): 25-27 April 2017. In ENGLISH

– Theater Festival of Jordan: from 24 April to 7 May 2017 in Ammam. In English

– Assitej Congress / festival – Cape town: 17th till 27th May 2016. South Africa, followed by Johannesburg. In English

– Festival “Sens-interdits” – Lyon (France): from October 24 to November 9, 2017.

– Hong Kong World Cultures festival: from 30th October to 19th of November 2017. In ENGLISH