Flowers of the islands

During my various trips to the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean Islands, I was particularly seduced by the diversity of the forms and colors of the flora. At all times men have always wanted to fill the woman by offering her the beauty of nature. I wanted, in my turn, to adorn the beauty of women by the flowers of the islands. I then imagined these earrings and asked an artist to realize them, here they are … My first creations were sold in Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia in the Caribbean to merchants but also to many people I met. In Belgium, many have had a thunderbolt and wear them in summer or on holiday, wherever they travel, they say they have compliments, I think they can be worn all over the world, When the weather is fine or just in the tropics where the sun is always present …!

To order, write to me by specifying the name of the model – see photo gallery