1. The Child.Actor 1.
    When the child is born, he is capable of everything: … Speak all the languages of the planet … Wear his foot to his mouth and bite his little toe … Run faster than his shadow … Speak with the birds … Speak with the trees … Smile with the angels …
    But growing up, he loses all these faculties … Only a few old people have the privilege of regaining the faculties of their childhood, but it is very rare … To be quite frank, they do not find all the faculties . If it is true that they can speak to birds and trees again, they have much more difficulty to put their foot to their mouth and to bite the little toe or run faster than their shadow … Perhaps, They will smile at the angels … But given their age, some will say that they are crazy …Today I am going to tell you the story of a man who knew how to keep all the faculties of his childhood all his life … I will tell you about a man of exception.(Actor 2, come in, Actor 1 continuing)

    … It’s not him … He is my traveling friend who will help me to tell you the story …

    (Actor 2 operates the d Water so that it emits a serious sound, like the whale song.) The reflections of water begin to move and reach the whole room which is now flooded with shining reflections.

    The day of his birth there was an eclipse, the earth stopped breathing, the birds were silent, the whole animal kingdom was waiting, as if their leader had just been born.
    In general, all mothers will tell you, when a child is born, he screams to say that he is there … And in his cry, if we listen well, he says how he would like us Calls him … But this baby of whom I speak to you … nothing, he absolument not screamed …

    Actor 2:
    He did not shout, ah! Yes, but this is a problem … We can not give a name to a child who has not shouted to announce himself. We can not call him, because he does not have a name …. What to do?
    The council of elders was assembled. What should be done ? Do the elders recall that such a case has already happened?
    But all the old men from the four corners of the kingdom shook their heads negatively. Never had such a case been reported to them.
    It was decided that two of the most observant and cunning women in the kingdom would take care of this baby, follow these little acts and gestures to pierce the mystery and snatch a cry. From there flowed their call: “Followers”, So they were solemnly bombarded with the title of “The royal followers”
    Strange thing, this unnamed baby, had enormous feet and hands. Then “Followers” tried to tickle his feet, hands to snatch a laugh or cry, but nothing. He remained as serious as a pope … He looked at them with his large round eyes without understanding what they wanted…