Passeport to the unknown

First novel of Denis Mpunga.


Jim wakes up abruptly, he is in a swim, he sweats profusely, he looks at the time. It’s 5:33. He hurriedly emerges from his bed, opens the cupboards, checks if everything is still in order. He goes into the living room, opens the cabinets, everything seems normal. Spell on the balcony of his penthouse, look at the surrounding landscape, this postmodern architecture complex made of concrete and metal tangles that overhang an artificial river is still there. The air is particularly sweet for a month of December … Everything is quite normal … He has had a bad dream, he thought … For 30 years, Jim no longer dreams or at least he No longer remembers his dreams. What disturbs him this morning, precisely, is that he remembers perfectly that of last night. Why does he suddenly recollect himself? The question intrigues him … Jim is only child, at 18 years he made the decision not to found a family because it was a waste of time he thought … To be sure not to change d ‘Notice later, he decided to undergo a vasectomy. He is 52 years old now and he regrets nothing of his decision of youth … His awakening rings and draws him from his thoughts, it is exactly 6:33, his usual hour of lifting. His daily ritual begins, he smokes a cigarette, invented more than 3000 years ago by the Indians of America. After crushing it in the ashtray, he goes to the kitchen to sink his coffee, a mixture invented by a goat herd keeper in Ethiopia more than 700 years ago. As the coffee flows, he goes into his bathroom, shave, invention of our Homo sapiens ancestors from flint chips. He perfumed the invention of the Egyptians who hoped by perfuming the body of the deceased, to obtain the clemency of heaven to welcome his soul. Jim put on his cotton shirt, a material invented by the Indians more than 1000 years ago, he put on his tie, the invention of the Croats, the bride tied a cloth to the groom’s neck and walked around the village to show the other contenders that He is now his. Jim comes out of the bathroom, goes to the kitchen to serve his first cup of coffee. He adds a sugar, invention of New Guinea, 1000 years ago and a cloud of milk, invented 10,000 years ago in the Middle East. He quickly empties his cup. At 7:33, a small discreet ringing ringing in the corridor of her apartment, it is accompanied by a blinking bulb. Jim cuts the bell, goes out and takes the elevator, goes down to the mailbox, retrieves his favorite newspaper and goes back to his apartment. Jim set this device for the newspaper to arrive after his first cup of coffee. He paid very dearly for his subscription provided that the factor sounds at 7:33 to deposit his favorite daily newspaper. He settles in the kitchen, uses his second and last cup of coffee of the day. This time, it is black coffee without sugar and without milk. He opens his newspaper,
The invention of Chinese printers more than 3000 years ago, improved by Gutenberg of Mainz 5 centuries ago. It goes through its favorite rubrics whose writing is an invention of the Sumerians 10,000 years ago and the so-called Arab figures which in reality is an invention of the Indians which was improved by the Arabs more than 4000 years ago. After his cup, Jim returns to the bathroom to brush his teeth, an invention of the Egyptians, he looks at himself in the mirror, an invention of the Egyptians and is spoken in an Indo-European language “I am proud to be American “…