Jaz, by Koffi Kwahulé. Directed by Denis Mpunga.
Bruxelles | Belgium | 14 | 09 | 2006> 07 | 10 | 2006

Varia Theater in Brussels.

Jaz is his name. It may have to do with music. Maybe not. Jaz does not know. Do not know. It has always been called that. Maybe after all this is not his name. Jaz hardly speaks of her. Jaz speaks very little. Is it by guilt? But if Jaz does not speak, her friend will speak for her.
The poetic writing of Koffi Kwahulé lends itself magnificently to the carnal speech, to say and evoke these “innocent bodies where the world comes to register with the full extent of its violence” and make Jaz a show of beauty and finesse .

With: Carole Karemera and Julie Chemin on double bass.