Enok & Sarah

Enok & Sarah
(Started on 21/05/2015 around 12:30 at the “Bourbon Coffee” in Kigali). Scenario for a movie.


The screen is all black, the silence is total. A tiny, bright white dot is born in the center of the screen, while magnifying, a speed music of a battery free jazz, climbs in crescendo, it is accompanied by no other instrument, only breaths similar to those of a person running to escape danger.


The bright spot continues to grow, you can see now, the bare feet of a 10 year old boy who runs under the shrubs of a wooded savanna.
The music reaches its paroxysm when the bright white screen has chased the black screen.
The foot of the boy stumbles on a vine, it collapses, belly to the ground. One hand turns violently on his back, one discovers his face terrified.


The camera lingers on her eyes, she zoom in her left eye, so that it takes the place of the screen, we guess the iris and the boy’s eyelashes blink.
-After the first blink:

We see in large the title of the film written by espousing the curvature of the eye: ENOK & SARAH.
Blinking goes black.
-Second blink:

Blinking goes black.
-Third blink:
Blinking goes black.
– Fourth blink:

Fifth blink. A text moves slowly:

1895 Independent State of the Congo, formerly AIC (International Association of Congo), property of King Leopold II. A young boy MUABI, belonging to the LUBA ethnic group is kidnapped by a slave trader and sold 600 km away, among the KUBA …

… Once an adult, he marries a KUBA woman with 6 children, 3 daughters, 3 boys, his eldest daughter is called SARAH …

With the promulgation, in the years 1920, of the royal decree bearing the abolition of the slavery between the natives, MUABI frees itself and becomes LUBA again …


Sixth blink:
From the bottom of the eye fits in large and bold: 1920
The camera then starts zooming in fast enough and the numbers change 1921-1922-1923-1924-1925
The zoom stops and one discovers in close-up the head of a gentleman of about forty years, lying on the ground on a mat, exactly in the same position as the small fugitive of the beginning, it is Muabi.


A girl of about fifteen years approaches the mat delicately with a metal goblet. Muabi sees her and pretends to sleep. Sarah approaches, she smiles, close-ups on her smile, she has a space between the two incisors, which makes her really charming.

Sarah: Dad … Stop pretending, I know you do not sleep … Here, water …
Muabi: Thank you my darling … Where’s mom? (he drinks)

Sarah: in the fields …
Muabi: And you, what do you do?
Sarah: I braid my little sisters … (she wants to leave, the father holds her by the arm).

Muabi: And me, you never braid me why?
Sarah: Dad … Stop … You’re not a girl … (she frees herself, makes a beautiful smile and goes away, Muabi looks at her tenderly and suddenly calls her) … Sarah!
Sarah: Yes, Dad …
Muabi: Attention, there is your shadow that you follow. (She turns around, shakes her shoulders and goes away, Muabi smiles, then turns away her head, her eyes lose her thoughts.
The camera makes a quick zoom to the left eye.)

SEQ ID NO: 6 (Flahs-Back)

We find the little boy with his terrified eyes. In the field, an impressive warrior, hat with feather and spear, looks at him with animosity and at the same time compassion.

Warrior: you almost made me fall … The gazelle runs well, the lion always gets caught … (in Kikuba, subtitled in French)

The warrior grabs him by the arm and draws him to a clearing.

SEQ. 7

The Warrior arrives in his village, some children come to welcome him and watch with curiosity the little Muabi. The warrior locks him in a dark hut and goes to another bigger hut. A notable in beautiful traditional costume is sitting on an armchair carved with cowries of all colors. The warrior kneels down by way of respect.

(The dialogues that follow are in Kuba language, subtitled in French).

Notable: What are you bringing us back today?
Warrior: A very young boy, he is valiant, he is worth his weight in gold.

Notable: That’s good, it changes. Lately, you bring me nothing but old toothless crumbling and eating like ten.
Warrior: What do I do with it?
Notable: Guard me-preciously, I would sell it to the market of Bena Makima, next week ..


A lady comes forward with a basin of water and a dish of food, opens the box where is enclosed the little Muabi. He is in tears. With much gentleness, she wipes her tears, undresses and washes her while talking to her.

Dame: (in Kuba, subtitled in French) … Do not cry, do not cry any more … You are now in your family.
Little Muabi listens with great attention, opening his eyes wide. The lady wipes it and wraps it in her loincloth and sits it on her knees. She opens a calabash and begins to feed him. Little Muabi is at first suspicious, but with tenderness and patience, the lady gains her confidence. He eats now without restraint, the lady calms him. When he finishes, she squeezes him against her and sings him a lullaby in Kikuba, so the little Muabi, spends his first night in captivity …